Behind closed doors!

Moonlight flooded in through the windows, painting some parts of the room, with its shimmering silver, quite in contrast to the fiery hues of the candlelight, that adorned different sections of it. Rose petals were strewn all over the bed and floor, infusing their fragrance all over.

As they lay in each other’s arms, oblivious to the worldly activities, she pulled him closer for a kiss.

young couple

Their lips locked, first small, then it grew into a much bigger and intense form; their tongues exploring the depths of their mouth. He rolled over on top as she entwined her legs around his waist. Their lips still locked growing more and hungrier for each other. His hands started to play around slowly, unzipping her dress and hers, unbuttoning his shirt.
They broke off for a moment panting for breath their hands still at work, throwing their clothes away. As he undid her bra, they both stared deep into each other’s eyes. His touch felt strong and masculine against her soft tender skin. His fingers slid below to pull down her panties and hers his boxers.

They lay completely naked, no more secrets, there’s no going back. He took a view of her perfectly toned body, the colours of the lights of the Moon and Candles splashed  all over her. She looked like a character out of a fantasy book. He planted small kisses all over her face. First on her forehead, then on her eyelids, her cheeks and finally her chin. She blushed and looked away. As his warm breath fell over her bare breasts she let out a soft moan.
She felt his hardness against her, and he the warmth of the fluids between her legs. As their bodies thrust against each other, the room filled with their moans of long suppressed desire. Their bodies in a tight clasp danced with perfect rhythm, it felt like a thousand waves, crashing in a violent storm over in the vast sea.
Soon they were tired and with a combined final groan from both, the moment was over. As they lay together with her head resting in the gap between his shoulders and collar bone, his arms wrapped around her in an embrace, the two fell asleep, enjoying their last thoughts and not thinking of what was to come in the future.

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