Love and War

Is this is safe? Oh yes! They’ll never search here.
Bonnie pondered over the idea for a few moments. Nobody will ever know. THIS was the perfect place. She resumed leveling the ground once again, her shovel back at work. A few minutes later she was done.
“God finally has answered to our prayers…” she smiled, her eyes fixed on the freshly leveled ground. “No more lies, no more fights, no more Cheating we’ll finally be happy Damian; YOU and ME!” She placed the shovel back along with her other gardening tools.

She had Jeopardized it all, but for Damian, it was worth it!


It was a bright, sunny Monday morning. Thin streaks of cloud trailed across an azure sky, with a slight breeze in the air. Maybe today’s class would be interesting. Bonnie stepped out of her white Honda civic, to see an exhilarated Denise greeting her with arms wide open. Bonnie smiled as she approached towards her.
“Chica!” Denise squealed. “This might really be the best semester, after all, finally, God answered our prayers.”
“Ummmmm… I’m agnostic Denise”
“Oh, darlin’ I did your part too. We have the hottest bunch visiting campus for the inter-college basketball matches this time. Guess you won’t have to graduate as a virgin after all”
“Denise! I.. I don’t, I can’t. Th…This is not the right thing to do.” Bonnie’s face was as red as a tomato. She started to look towards her feet. “And why would any guy even…”


“Hey! Do you happen to know where Mr. Malcolm the basketball coach’s office would be?” Bonnie stopped mid sentence.
The first thing she noticed were his eyes. They were a dark amber shade and changed to a lighter hue when he faced the sun looking towards the college building and dark again, when back at them. His hair Everything else in the background seemed to have vanished. His blonde hair parted like a wave on one side with icy-highlights and cropped short on the other. He had a perfect jawline with a cleft chin.
Bonnie felt as if she couldn’t breathe.
“I can show you around alright if you want to see” Denise winked at him and gave a kinky smile.
“Ummmm… well if you could just tell me. I’m sure I’ll be able to find my way through.” he curtly replied.
“Y..You’d wanna g..go straight through here,’s the last door, l..left, towards your left!” Bonnie told him and ran towards her car. She sat inside and slammed the car door started the engine and accelerated. The car screeched and Bonnie sped away.


“So…? Did you like the movie?”
“Ummmm… Y…Yeah!”
“How about we catch up again tomorrow for dinner? Would you like that?”
Bonnie started to breathe heavily. Dinner, what after that? Why not lunch instead? What if he plans to take me to his place and…?
“Is that a problem? It’s not a mandate you know. I mean only if you want to” Damian tried to make her feel comfortable.
“I gotta leave. Bye,” Bonnie ran across the street, hailed a cab and left.
Damn this chick is really weird. He thought.
Ever since he met her she’s been so mysterious and after a week long persuading plan, and help from her best friend Denise, they’d finally met. This was their 3rd movie date and all he’s got are weird stares and conflicting attitude. But there’s something in those innocent eyes that makes him fall for her every time he looks into them.
Maybe she needs more time.


Damian had never been refused by any girl. Being the basketball team captain and thanks to his superbly good looks he’s been the hot heartthrob everywhere. Bonnie was different and probably that is why he liked her even more.
But today it all changed.
Bonnie was visiting the grounds during their practice and was seated far side along the audiences area. Alone.
Damian had noticed her after a while since she never cheered or even tried to make any attempts to make her presence felt. She would never call him. He stopped for a few minutes to look at her, hoping she would smile or wave at him. Instead, she simply stared back at him, a blank look on her face.
Soon after he finished his game and after a few exchanges of “well played” and “good game”, team bonding man hugs and handshakes he headed towards the seating area to talk to Bonnie. Before he could reach, she got up and left.
Back in the locker room, he found Robin, Tom and Paul discussing something among themselves in a low voice. Seeing Damian they all were a little startled as if he was the least expected person at that moment.
“What’s the buzzing all about… Some new hotness entry, huh?” Damian asked winking at them with a sly smile.
“It’s a…about, n…nothing.” said Tom.
“Come on, whatcha hidin’ from me, eh?”
“How do you know that Bonnie chick?” Robin asked. “Are you like seeing each other or what?”
“Possibly, why? Are You hitting on her too? Then you might wanna change your plans mate!” Damian was a little annoyed, though he tried to play funny.
“No way man! She’s just gonna play the innocent looking angel and soon rip you off and dodge into the bin! Bam! You don’t trust me? Check with any dude here… Or how about her bestie Denise?” said Robin.

That night Damian called Denise and she asked to meet up. He’d go for sure. He had to know what’s going on!

Image Courtesy of – Riccardo Melosu

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