Opportunist vs Optimist

Have you ever come across a situation that makes you think about your actions?
A situation that makes you regret a decision, or make you more strong and content for having done what u did.
Or maybe somebody else’s action that arises the thought : If I’d be in his/her place I’d probably do this/not do that.

I’m sure we all have.
Somebody or something must have triggered that feeling inside us at some point. For me it was this :
Helping hand

A difficult day at work. Reports are incomplete and its the month end. I have a pile of day to day work at my desk too. There is a new hire whom I’m mentoring. We’ve just had a staff meeting about how the appraisals for the financial year process will start out soon. And I’m still far off from the targets for this month.

I think of that co-employee who has an added advantage because of sleeping with my boss. And how my mentee is the dumbest of the lot. How I had over achieved my last month targets and thus my current targets were restructured. How some of my peers simply waste their time drinking coffee and catching up on office gossip and because of that the hard-working bunch like myself have to ensure the team target is met.

Just then I look up to see that its lunch time and most of the office staff are heading towards the cafeteria. The philandering colleague of yours leaving with my boss for an important meeting during lunch (yeah we know!) at the posh restaurant, a few blocks away. Yet my emails are left to be read, sticky notes all over the desk and suddenly my daily reminder for a follow-up beeps! Its Mrs Pierpont.

The 75-year-old invalid I had promised a call back during lunch hour since she had an appointment with the doctor in the morning. A kind neighbor who usually ran errands for her, had taken the day off for this. I remember how she had been living alone after she lost her husband to cancer last year, her three sons well settled and living separately. Her feeble voice overwhelming with sobs reminiscing the past, when they all stayed together in the county, before moving in to the city. How her children grew up so fast and did not need her anymore. Her health deteriorating ever since her husband’s death. She really needed to understand what went wrong with her medical cover.

Just then my mentee walks up to me asking about an issue he’s stuck on and it’s similar to the case I’m working on.

Suddenly the quiet office seems really peaceful. I know the targets will be met, just like every month, even if it means staying back every single day after office hours and working on weekends. I realise the whole team can rely on the few of you who will not let them down. I look up at the notice board that stands Witness to our Department Head’s appreciation email to me that was printed and put up along with many other emails that had come in from different customers praising my service.

I simply smile and ask him to put on the call barging headset as I dial the number.
“Hello Mrs Pierpont. And how was your doctor’s appointment this morning?”

Our actions make us who we are. Of course we are not saints. We have our own shares of mistakes. We learn from them. That is what validates our existance in its truest form.
What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

[P.S : moments from my days as a Customer Service Rep, name of the customer has been changed.]

Image Courtesy – Salam Dakwa

5 thoughts on “Opportunist vs Optimist

  1. I know what you mean… I have found myself in the same position quite often. It’s not easy, to cope with the “injustice” while you work your a** off every single day to meet targets and expectations. And guess what… when things are bad, you are the first to be called out. I don’t know if this happened to you, hope not 😊 but yeah that’s how it goes tons of times.


  2. I know what you mean, I’ve found myself in the same position. Facing “injustice” while working your a** off every day to meet your targets and expectations. And guess what, when things are bad looks like you are the first to be called out, hope it hasn’t happened to you 😊.
    Great read by the way 😄.

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