Love and War : Part 3

Bonnie watched Denise appear in the driveway and park her car abruptly in the centre. On a normal day, she would’ve stopped her right then. But today something else was her priority. Rehearsing mentally, umpteen times, how she’d confront Denise with this unanticipated discovery. The brown envelope had been in the mailbox along with the other bills and letters. Interestingly it bore no address or stamps. Curious Bonnie had opened it first thing, and a bunch of snaps fell out.

The door bell rang. Startled, Bonnie rushed to open the door. It was 9:30 PM.

“Denise, Y..You came” said Bonnie as she opened the door.
“Of course! Told ya I would.” Denise brushed her aside, entered the house and made herself comfortable on the couch.
And then she saw the obvious.
A feeling of dread crept up from her stomach. Her cheeks drained out of color. Her hands started to tremble. Bonnie knew! That’s why she called her.
Denise tried to act normal, like an Expert, she knew she was caught. So what? Bonnie just had to accept it and it was Damian’s decision too, not hers alone.

“Th..This is not t..true Denise, is it?” Bonnie asked, still considering the possibility of someone playing a prank on her.
“I’m afraid sweetie it is.” Denise started.
“Look I can explain all of this. But you need to trust me, sweetie. You know I’d never do something that will hurt you right. After all, we are B…”
“FF’s, of course!!” Bonnie completed the sentence for her.
Denise looked at Bonnie. Something was terribly awkward about the way Bonnie was staring back, her head tilted to the right. Dark eyes reading every single thought playing on her mind. As if she knew all that Denise had done, and the next lie she was plotting of. An expression mixed with betrayal, outrage, and amusement.

Slowly a smile appeared on Bonnie’s face.


“Come on Damian, it’s just one game. I promise I’ll never stop you again. Just this once” Denise pleaded.
“But I’ve missed the last few practises, after all of that drama and stress I’ve been through, you know how much this game means to me!” he tried to reason it.
“Fine! You do as you deem fit. I just don’t want her to hurt you again.” Denise made a sad face and walked over to the kitchen counter.
She poured herself a cup of freshly brewed coffee, hoping her statement would make him consider his decision.
Damian walked over and hugged her from behind.
“You know what, you are right! I’d probably stay away from all this for a while. Take a break. Relax. Maybe that’s what is best for me”
Denise smiled, a smug look on her face.
“Don’t you worry sweetie I’ll make sure your mind is off all this. Just trust me. OK?” She turned towards him and wrapped her arms around his neck. Moments later they were engaged in a passionate kiss, their hands undressing each other. Later that day she had explained Bonnie how Damian did not want to attend the practice since she would be present.


Bonnie gave out a loud hysterical laugh, her body convulsed as if struck by lightning. Denise wanted to speak but she couldn’t. She felt her pulse beating in her ears, blocking out all other sounds apart from her breath raggedly moving in and out of her mouth. There was something sinister about the situation.

“Oh, Denise! How stupid of me”, she said with a defeated smile on her face. “I should’ve known better.” Bonnie slowly plodded towards the kitchen counter.
A twinge of grief erupted within Denise’s heart. Maybe she should’ve not really done this after all. She had jeopardized her friendship, and what if Damian ever found out. He’d dump her right there. But he didn’t need to. Bonnie is crazy, and yes she should’ve known better. It’s me who deserves him after all, not she. And as they say, everything is fair in love and war! I’ve done no crime.

“Listen, sweetie, there’s something called ‘a personal choice’, ” Denise got off the couch to walk towards Bonnie, “and we all deserve to make that, ourselves. Maybe this wasn’t meant to b…” she stopped mid sentence when she saw Bonnie holding a butcher’s knife against her own throat, ready to slit it.
“Denise, I…I’m done. For the first time, e…ever, in my entire life, and you know it, had I…I ever felt like this.” Bonnie was crying. “How I had convinced myself, t…to not lose it, e…every single time we met. My…My vulnerability in the open. And right when I thought, it was… it was time to let go to let him in, this? Why? Why me? What is wrong with me?” she hollered.
Denise was dumbstruck. She couldn’t react. It was true she wanted Damian for herself and had been a nasty liar but she didn’t want Bonnie to die.
“I’m sorry Bonnie…” Tears rolled down her cheeks as she plunked down on the floor. “Please don’t do this. It’s me. It had always been me, sweetie. I did this. I wanted him. Please don’t hurt yourself. P-L-E-A-S-E!!!” She blurted out.
Bonnie lowered the knife and looked at her, puzzled and then smiled. That same crooked smile of hers, with a gimlet eye. She looked at the knife once and then hurtled towards Denise. Swinging it haphazardly, she hacked away at her. Denise’s frightful cries filled the room.
Blood splattered across the walls, on the couch and the minimal furniture of her studio apartment. The loud cries subdued eventually and Denise’s lifeless body lay in a pool of blood.

Image Courtesy – Mail Online

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