The treasure

Matt had been surfing the TV since the last 2 hours. He was back home early, thinking he’d take Hailey out for dinner at their favourite restaurant. The last few months had been crazy since they moved into this new apartment. Little did he know that he was in for a surprise! There was a sticky note on the key holder.

Featured Image -- 7532“OUT WITH MY GALS. WILL BE LATE.
– XOXO Hailey”
He tried calling her cell phone at least 20 times since then. It was switched off. Just then the door bell rang. It was the mailman.
“There’s a package for Miss Hailey.”
“Unfortunately, she’s not home, and won’t be until late. Can I receive it?”
“Sure. Please sign here.” He handed the package to Matt and left.

It was from the International Charity Organisation Rehab Centre. Weird. Why would someone send Hailey something from the Rehab?
Normally he’d not be snooping in on her packages or letters, but he was overwhelmed with curiosity.
He opened it.
It was a book ‘Where the sidewalks end’ by Shel Silverstein and an envelope. Maybe there’s a lot to know about her yet. He took the envelope that read :


Inside was a handwritten letter.

Dear Hailey,
If you are reading this then know I’m long gone. Rest assured, I’ve not been stalking you or anything. Thanks to social networking we can always look up old friends. Guess it’s OK to call us friends, or maybe not. I do not know if you have even opened this or its in the garbage, yet I would take a chance.
Last 6 years have been hell. I know it was probably worse for you. But this was best for the both of us. I had tested HIV positive. Not coz I was seeing some crack wasted slut, OK? You remember the bike accident right? The night we fought, I left in a hurry and ended up in the makeshift hospital downtown. Damn, I wish we didn’t.
Anyway, it was due to some used needle that bore the virus. Twelve weeks later after regular bouts of symptoms, I took the blood test. Good that we hardly spoke in between.
Sweetheart I’m sure you are happy with someone right now and have probably thrown me out of your memories. Still, you deserve to know the truth and with me gone it will not affect your present relationship, god knows I’d never want that.
I know I had never made efforts to make you feel special, throughout the years of our relationship. Probably that is why I deserve all this. But my love was always true. You were and will always be my one and only.

I Love you!

P.S : it is only you I can trust my treasures with.

He opened the book. It had a birthday collage made out of magazine cut-outs and Hailey’s handwriting at one section.
Matt wasn’t sure if he should discuss this with his partner or just let the bygones be bygones. After all these years how would it impact her? What if it did and she decided to call quits. He couldn’t afford that. No way!
His phone rang. It was Hailey.

“Hey, Munchkin! I’m so sorry I had to leave like that. Becky is in town for the night and she’s catching a flight to Dubai, early morning tomorrow. She’ll be gone for I don’t know how long. It’s been ages since we had seen each other. Baby, would you manage for the night, I’d see her off then? I’ll make it up for you I promise!” she sounded excited, happy and sad all at the same time.
Maybe this is it, a sign to take the right decision.
“It’s OK hon. You see her off. I’ll order dinner for myself. Have fun and be safe, see ya tomorrow morning. I love you!” he replied.
“You’re the best Darlin’ Love you. Bye”

Early morning the next day Matt visited the Secondhand bookstore and deposited the book as an anonymous donor. He discarded the letter with the envelope and the package on his way back home.

16 thoughts on “The treasure

      1. Well I really have a bitter sweet feeling for this Matt guy. It was his love against Scott’s, who was not even there anymore. Yet the truth was strong enough to make him consider the possibility of losing Hailey.

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      2. Maybe the relationship was crumbling, the move was not going as well as he had hoped, his insistent calls, his worry, all starting to grow into something fucked up, where before he had shielded her from it all. And now the package came, and he, inside himself, confronted the truth, and attempted to delay the inevitable by ditching the book. You could even start to tell the story from her side, as she sits in a coffee shop, alone, her eyes all puffy and red, from all the crying she had done, looking out the window, across the street, towards their apartment. Her phone sits in front of her, with the message from an old friend open, telling her Scott has died….

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree. it’s the audacity of him opening her post in the first place and then taking it on himself in an ‘I know what’s best for her’ (but it’s more ‘I know what’s best for me’) stance he destroys the evidence! Had a bit of a fume for a few seconds over that Hahahaha!

        Liked by 1 person

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