Click no matter what they say!

With every click that captures moments and freezes them forever, I discover that it has instilled some thought in me.

The Bougainvillea. It’s a party of varied blossoms. All for the love of Spring!

Nature teaches us to evolve, adapt to situations and spread happiness in its own way. Like this bougainvillaea that seemed to have withered, yet started anew to make me and many others smile every time we pay them a visit!

Or this tree that took a portion of the sidewalk and lured me to stare at it for at least good 30 mins, until my boyfriend started to assume I had been jinxed with some mumbo-jumbo! I finally settled with taking a pic. 🙂

The mysterious tree
The mighty tree. It’s a mysterious old bugger that claims this sidewalk as its home.

The puppets make me realise that we really are characters in the act of the one true Almighty and have our own purposes dictated, to be performed, from time to time. From the Cradle to the Grave.

Puppets at the beach in Fort Kochi, Kerala. Prepped up for their next performances.

How the Sun can play games with its light and create beautiful silhouettes, as can we make a difference in others’ lives, with our reflections of actions and attitudes towards different circumstances in life.

Below a capture from my last trekking to a point in one of the famous hill stations in Maharashtra.

Sun Silhouete at lodwick point
The Sun with its hand at the light, the rays creating a halo above the ‘Lodwick Point’ in Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra [rechristened in the honour of General Lodwick, who was the first British officer to climb the hill in April 1824]
And a Quick snap amid busy traffic, haggling with the taxi driver to drive at a snails pace, along with icy looks from my boyfriend.

The Clock tower at Lake Area, Kolkata
The Silhouette of the Clock Tower in Lake Town Area, Kolkata

Well, I guess that’s all I have describing my Frame of mind for this weeks photo challenge. Photos have been clicked by myself with a One Plus X, and an HTC Desire 816, plus slight modifications with edit tools.
Hope to own a DSLR some day!
Until then this is how I will satiate my craving for photography ❤

Hope y’all like it. Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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