Freedom – as she saw it!

Monica checked her phone for the 7th time in the last 5 mins. Her favourite TV show was on, but she was more interested in her phone. I knew something bothered her, but wouldn’t risk asking. We had been flatmates for almost a year now and she didn’t like being questioned. She’d speak once comfortable.
strawberrylayercakeShe was the only child of a very well to do businessman, who travelled most of the time, and had come to the city to complete her graduation(though I never saw her attending classes or studying). Since she told me about her mother, whom she lost at a young age of 4, i had grown a sisterly affection towards her. A hefty sum would get deposited in her bank account every month and she spent it on whatever she wanted(party wear, handbags, shoes, occasionally wine and ciggarettes, unless there was a guy at her disposal). A pure case of detached and spoilt upbringing.
She paid her share of rent on time and as long as she didn’t interrupt my sleep, I didn’t mind. Her after parties would be at our flat, a bunch of new faces everytime, and the maid was there to clean up all the mess, next morning. Partying and friends, that’s all she had.

I vividly remember the day she’d been bawling uncontrollably in her room and wouldn’t open the door, saying it was nobody’s business. It was my first weekend in the flat. Two days later, she hugged me and cried for almost 3 hours saying she was sorry about being so rude and that she had dreams that her dad died in a car crash, leaving her no money.
Another time she suddenly stopped speaking for a week, then declared a party. She had been successful with her Maun Vrat(keeping silent as a religious vow) experiment.
Or the times when she had altercations with our security guard and paid him off to avoid further questioning, until one day she came home shouting at the top of her lungs complaining what a b@#$%^d he was, asking for more money.
Even when she had not been home for over 3 days, without answering nor returning my phone calls, neither replying to texts, only to come back home after and discuss her trip to the nearest hillstation with her friends, like it was normal.

She’d been acting weird since our night out(sort of) at the club, last weekend. Fred, Monica’s senior in high school(whom she happened to meet recently at a party and had dated a couple of times, that’s what she told me), had been ignoring her for a month. He was seeing someone else. Monica had not discussed this until Saturday evening and I couldn’t leave her alone at home, crying. So I invited her to come along, where I was meeting my friends. After a couple of pints she wanted to dance. One of my friends accompanied her and after a while came back alone. When I asked him where she was, he told me she left with another friend of hers. Later, she dropped me a text saying that Fred was there, and that she was leaving with him. She asked me to deduct the cost of drinks for the night from my share of rent. Luckily none of my friends really enquired much and saved me the embarassment. So that was our sort of night out. She came home next morning quite happy with herself and didn’t bother to discuss it. Neither did I ask.

“Guys are all the same! Same F@#$ing A@#$%^&s!!”  Monica started to wail. Tears rolled down her cheeks. I quickly sat next to her and started to rub her shoulders trying to comfort her.
“Oh dear, what happened? You know you can tell me. Come on sweetie. Don’t cry” I ran and got her the tissue box. After almost twenty minutes of her wailing, blowing and rubbing her nose red, mumbling something about guys and then wailing again, I gave up trying to interpret.
“Sweetie I am not very good with wail language, could you probably be a little more clearer? I promise I’ll try to sort it out for you.” I offered.
She looked up at me, sniffling.
Please…” I made a sorry face.
“OK” she said almost a semi-wail. “It’s Fred. That s@* of a b*#$%. He’s tricked me”
It seemed pretty evident that he’d probably broken up or gone back to that other girl he was dating.
“Oh sugar, don’t you worry! He doesn’t deserve you at all. There are hundreds of others. I am sure you’ll find the worthy one soon and have a great relationship. It’s too early anyway. Even Judy, my friend, she dated quite a lot of guys before she finalised on Ronald. And now they are planning to get married too. It’ll be OK hon. Don’t cry” I hoped she’d feel better.
Relationship? What? No way! That’s exactly what he said” she gave out a squeal.
I backed off a little, trying to understand what she meant.
“Oh well! He started planning, of weekends ahead, asking me to meet his friends and all. He says he met other girls just to get an idea before he could finalise things. And that he chose me and wants us to get serious. Coz we know each other since high school and that our families know each other too. He told that he had liked me during high school, but of course we were too young to really hit it off back then. And now that he has a good job, wants to have a steady realtionship and its amazing that we met.” she went on sounding very disinterested.
It was perfect. Fred looked great, I had seen his photos. Considering all that Monica just told me, it seemed pretty sensible. The guy was honest to admit he met a few other girls and now he was certain of her. What more could she want. It was every girls’ dream!
I couldn’t say anything. I was baffled, trying to understand what Monica wanted.
“What? You think I’m up for all this? No way! I have a life. What about my friends and parties I’ve planned with them. I can’t be bogged down living up to his expectations, which I’m sure will come up really soon!” she looked at me as if that was the most obvious thing ever.
“Well if you don’t want that, it’s up to you of course dear!” I said coolly finally realising what actually mattered to her. “And if you don’t mind it’s 8 already and I gotta get ready. My friends are coming to pick me up.” I got up and left, closing the door, as I entered my room.

As I was leaving I heard her talking on the phone “Goddamit Priya! It’s a weekend and I do not have any plans.”
Well you cannot have your Cake and eat it too, I thought, pleased with myself that I did not bother to invite her tonight.


P.S – This is an actual incident back in 2011, the names of course are changed coz I’d like to keep it that way! I happened to stay with her for over 2 years until she was finally asked to vacate the flat by our owner due to complaints from the security guard and some neighbours who caught her in a compromising position. Man what a show that was! 🙂

Image Courtersy of – Piece of Cake

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