Fulsomely summed

I literally jumped out of my usual slouch, which is my normal posture during these group activity sessions, to a straight one, when I heard her pronounce it. We were a group of 10 and everyone had to come up with a new word and discuss it with the rest, every Friday.
The word she came up with was Double Entendre, but wait that’s not what she just said. Hell, that’s nowhere near it.fauxpas
Needless to say, I had seen it for the first time ever. I had scanned the given memo handed to me with the heading – “Today’s discussion on New Discoveries”, so had my peers. I guess. Sam, my manager was really enthusiastic about making us all feel like researchers of linguistics. How generous of him to brighten up our otherwise boring Friday’s.
Well, of course, I had articulated them all in my head just as they looked like. Here’s the list now let’s see…
Nippon, pronounced nee-pawn / ni-pon, know this one
Disparity pronounced as dih-spar-i-tee, yup
Synchronous, pronounced sing-kruh-nusk, easy peasy
Epitome, this one is pronounced as ih-pit-uh-me, ah yes thanks to the blog I read on.
Chronological, pronounced kron-uh-loj-i-kuhl, yup
Autonomous, pronounced as aw-toh-nuh-mus, known
Bigamy, pronounced big-uh-mi, oh yeah big time
Neophyte pronounced as nee-uh-fight, yup
and my contribution Pantheism pronounced pan-thee-iz-uhm

But this one hmm… it looks like Duh-bul-en-tren-dray
Pretty easy to utter these just by looking at the words and the rest were regular words if one knows the roots**(see footnote). By the look of it Double Entendre did not seem to be alienated from the lot. Rather a much easier guess.

But believe you me, it very much was. Coz the person said nothing even close to what I had in my mind.

The word was pronounced as “Dooblahntahndruh”.

English can be funny when it wants to and more so with derived words from different parts of the world. But this…Yeah, shocking! Though etymologically, as had I figured it, it implies to a double meaning or ambiguous word. But the Doob-lahn-tahn-druh, with the nascent n’s and a throaty r, well that was way beyond my letter of T, let alone my cup. I hope my friends alongside the English Channel would condone this as a faux pas!
Image Credit – List 25

**Nippon is a Japanese name of Japan, I came across this word in a blog that I had read a while back. The person was a lover of the culture, food and the natives of the place and called himself a Nipponophile.
Disparity; comes from the root words dis(not) and par(equal), pretty easy to understand, lack of equality (in maybe rank or age).
Synchronous is built from the root words syn(together) and chrona(time). Etymologically it is clear that this means, things or events happening at the same time. It could also be related to frequency or rate..
Epitome. Well this could mean two things either an abridged version of a larger context, or the quintessential aspect of one’s life, more so a characteristic personified. epi(on, upon) and tome(to cut) are the two root words here.
Chronological, again is related to tome with the root word chrona(time) logos(science) and is the arrangement of events in order of time.
Autonomous is made up of the root words autos(self) and nomos(law, order) and means self governed.
Bigamy, is a crime of marrying another while the spouse is still living, or has not been divorced. bi(two) and gamos(marriage) are root words of this illegal act.
Neophyte signifies a novice or beginner. Roots neo(new) and phytos(planted) quite clearly pointing someone who has freshly been introduced.
Pantheism. The root word pan(all) and theos(God) combine to form the belief of God being in all forms of the Universe and not just a man made image.

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