A letter to a Terrorist


I wonder how low you could stoop,
How foolish you could be…
All those degrees and Alma mater,
Couldn’t make you Disagree?

You simply listened to that madman.
Believed in his selfish agenda,
Forgot about your own,
To serve someone else’s Vendetta!

Did you think of your 5yr old,
Your aging, widowed mother?
The lass who prayed for your safety,
Your high school going brother.

They say there’s nothing to retrieve of you,
All withered in the blast.
Ended innocent lives, injured many,
You, the late iconoclast!

So was this your way of change?
Champion of a Crusader’s path.
For no one will bask in your unholy alliance,
Tell me was this of worth?

A traitor. A murderer. A Terrorist.
These are the names you’ve got.
We as well are a part of this living hell,
That your lost cause has brought!

© Cliffhanger C 2016

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