You and me

Isn’t it crazy how opposites attract? I inquire.
That’s logical, practical, would be your response.
But what about us humans, about you and me?
You tell me I should control this flow of useless thoughts, my emotions.
But I fail to bottle up my feelings like you do.
I’m sorry, I’m expressive, unlike you!
Wasn’t it the uninhibited laughter, this heart spilling care, this belongingness that made you fall for me.
How you’d always say, it was love at first sight baby!
So then was it just to discover me…
and then mould me into somebody else, unlikely.
You’re so focused on transcendence, almost mechanical.
There’s nothing else other than to aspire and achieve, that’s your principle.
Hah! how well you mask yourself, sometimes I’m jealous.
No hint of your true feelings, you never open up, bound in a wall. Damn, it’s overzealous!
But then I realize, that’s who you are.
And I don’t blame you, why should I?
Such a great talent only a few are gifted with. Dare I defy!
It’s what makes you impenetrable and strong.
But baby that sends me signals, confusing and wrong!
facadeYou see, for me, it’s so difficult to generalise everything.
My thoughts are reflections, encompassing what I see, feel and believe in.
For me, life is not a mission but a means to serve in one’s own way.
It’s not about monetary pleasures, but to leave an imprint on our future generations, that’ll be there forever to stay.
I’d want to make my own mistakes and learn from them, I’d want to be confused at times.
But that wouldn’t limit my passion for shifting the paradigm.
Yes, we use technology, but that shouldn’t make us gadgets.
Hell, isn’t that the reason we have emoticons, and not just codes and digits.
But I’ll take a leap of faith. I’ll take the test to see…
if I can make a robot out of me.
I promise I’ll strive hard.
No matter how badly that wrenches my heart.
Like a fish made to believe that it must fly.
Else it’s of no worth, it could rather die.
And then if I break and be crushed. if I fall, I’d fall hard.
Everything there is, that’s left of me. Dismantled. Jarred.
The old warm and homely me might cease to exist.
And then I hope you are still there to hold my hand, to love and embrace the debris of a schist.
So tell me then, will it be OK to live with someone who’s not even half of what I used to be.
Since you’re so calculative my love, will a dead me be more worth to you… Tell me?
And maybe that’s what it’ll all come to, in the end.
Ours so-called advanced lives with no emotions. Faces just to pretend.
It scares me to think if unknowingly at some point in time the AI bots really took over,
And are now ruling, and they just have a human mask for a changeover.

Maybe it’s all about the Facade.

© Cliffhanger C 2016

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