an excerpt – Daily Prompt

This is a peek-a-boo of a draft that I've been working for a while now and hope for it to materialize someday. Read on and let me know what you think about it. ... Melissa woke up with a jump, sweating, she was still on her couch; her book fell with a thud. She glanced … Continue reading an excerpt – Daily Prompt


It's been eight years. Falling in, falling out and falling back again in love. Fights and break ups, later kiss and patch ups are a part of their lives. Alan and Victoria can't and wouldn't have it in any other way either. But every time that they get back, they find each other having changed … Continue reading together..?

Miniature Lives

The Romans did not, as might seem logical, quarry the most accessible stones, Giovanni insisted. They followed the best veins of marble, even if that meant making their slaves climb a 1500-metre mountain. "In ancient times," he said, pointing at the mist beyond the window, "marble was the stone of the emperors." As the ultimate … Continue reading Miniature Lives