You and me

Isn’t it crazy how opposites attract? I inquire. That’s logical, practical, would be your response. But what about us humans, about you and me? You tell me I should control this flow of useless thoughts, my emotions. But I fail to bottle up my feelings like you do. I’m sorry, I’m expressive, unlike you! Wasn't … Continue reading You and me

Fulsomely summed

I literally jumped out of my usual slouch, which is my normal posture during these group activity sessions, to a straight one, when I heard her pronounce it. We were a group of 10 and everyone had to come up with a new word and discuss it with the rest, every Friday. The word she … Continue reading Fulsomely summed

The Blogger Recognition Award

Whoah!! My second award nomination, the next day of me posting the first one.I'm certainly doing something right! Well, this only makes me more confident of my decision. Like they say, you need two things to keep going - Inspiration and Recognition. Inspiration is to start out but to refuel one needs Recognition. And I … Continue reading The Blogger Recognition Award

Sunshine Blogger Award!!!

Hello Every one!! Now I've been meaning to do this, but somehow or the other I end up with the procrastinating bug on me. So here it goes! Thank you Brandy Deese, my first friend here in the community, for the nomination to the Sunshine Blogger Award. Since its not even a month that I've … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award!!!

Freedom – as she saw it!

Monica checked her phone for the 7th time in the last 5 mins. Her favourite TV show was on, but she was more interested in her phone. I knew something bothered her, but wouldn't risk asking. We had been flatmates for almost a year now and she didn't like being questioned. She'd speak once comfortable. … Continue reading Freedom – as she saw it!

Meditation Funny #109

This was posted here awhile back and I thought it deserved to be seen again. Enjoy. Too true!  by Monique McIntyre, Guide. Facilitator. Public Speaker. (And blogger!) @ http://www.DiviNationForAll.Wo… Source: Meditation Funny #109

The Queen of Ranthambore

When I got the email reminder for today's daily prompt, I thought hmmm... Fierce, what do I cook up with that? Well, how bout I work on the weekly photo challenge and maybe something will come along related to such an intense topic. While I was sifting through my collection, one of them happened to … Continue reading The Queen of Ranthambore

Remembering Childhood

Originally Posted on Burning Bright This really made me revisit my yester years. Written beautifully by my college friend , Bhavesh Bhimani , now an established journalist in Kolkata. Click here to visit and read more of his astounding pieces! Trust me he's amazing 🙂 Well read on to find out. Those Parent-Teacher Meetings: The Fear, the … Continue reading Remembering Childhood

Opportunist vs Optimist

Have you ever come across a situation that makes you think about your actions? A situation that makes you regret a decision, or make you more strong and content for having done what u did. Or maybe somebody else's action that arises the thought : If I'd be in his/her place I'd probably do this/not … Continue reading Opportunist vs Optimist

The City of Slums and Skyscrapers

Contrasting, isn't it? Welcome to MUMBAI!! (a Miniature version of Wikipedia pages) The capital of state Maharashtra, sometimes dotingly addressed as - Aamchi Mumbai (our Mumbai in Marathi), is home to a population of about 20.7 million as of 2016! A motley of multilingual and multicultural communities Mumbai is probably the truest form of Cosmopolitanism … Continue reading The City of Slums and Skyscrapers