You and me

Isn’t it crazy how opposites attract? I inquire. That’s logical, practical, would be your response. But what about us humans, about you and me? You tell me I should control this flow of useless thoughts, my emotions. But I fail to bottle up my feelings like you do. I’m sorry, I’m expressive, unlike you! Wasn't … Continue reading You and me

A letter to a Terrorist

I wonder how low you could stoop, How foolish you could be... All those degrees and Alma mater, Couldn't make you Disagree? You simply listened to that madman. Believed in his selfish agenda, Forgot about your own, To serve someone else's Vendetta! Did you think of your 5yr old, Your aging, widowed mother? The lass … Continue reading A letter to a Terrorist

The Storm

I see a storm is brewing, yet the composure on her face, Same as the strange calm, right before the conniption, evident through her gaze. Gone is the happy camper, the young lass with a Twinkle in her eye, A smile winning hearts of both young and old brighter than the summer sky. Smudged kohl, … Continue reading The Storm

sinister puppeteer

salvation ain't a choice coz Devil's got the better of you deluged in his Act of Vice pulling the strings, playing the kazoo Image Courtesy of - Google Play

The jingle

My love, this is what it was meant to be, Now it's just you and me. Make no Mistake when you hear me say, It's you and me all the way! Fool me once, Shame on you Fool me twice, Shame on me I've caught your act and man I'm amazed What a performance this came … Continue reading The jingle

Courtesy Mommy!

She spun a yarn, beaming an angelic smile A face I've known forever I listen intently until the end, a ride so worthwhile and admire her relentless endeavour Ever captivated by her assorted fables, Of Kings and Queens in far off lands Sometimes of jungles and the wild, or of haunted labels Fairy God Mothers … Continue reading Courtesy Mommy!