Musing away… Selfishly!

Sometimes I'm lured. Lured to the point of being selfish you could say. But how is it wrong to want just that one thing? That one thing for myself... When that's all I've ever wanted, so so badly. You! And then I could sleep forever in peace. Even the inmates on death row get their … Continue reading Musing away… Selfishly!

The White Panda

Drenched in the rain, Oliver looked like a cat who had just been given a bath, forcefully. He had consulted with at least 4 different weather apps and there were no reports of rainfall. What in the world could've gone wrong? It was 8:00 pm by his watch. Emily would be waiting at the Kin … Continue reading The White Panda

The Transition

OM Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu || Mangalam Garudadhwaja OM OM Mangalam Pundareekaksham || Mangalayatano Hari OM The priest chanted the hymns, it was time. The flames of the holy fire emblazoned an enchanting hue and her whole life flashed before her eyes. Regular fights with her elder brother. Altercations with mum . Complaining to her dad. … Continue reading The Transition

The treasure

Matt had been surfing the TV since the last 2 hours. He was back home early, thinking he'd take Hailey out for dinner at their favourite restaurant. The last few months had been crazy since they moved into this new apartment. Little did he know that he was in for a surprise! There was a … Continue reading The treasure

Behind closed doors!

Moonlight flooded in through the windows, painting some parts of the room, with its shimmering silver, quite in contrast to the fiery hues of the candlelight, that adorned different sections of it. Rose petals were strewn all over the bed and floor, infusing their fragrance all over. As they lay in each other's arms, oblivious … Continue reading Behind closed doors!


"Could you please spare some change?" A little boy with messy brown hair, face and hands covered with dirt and a tattered shirt and khaki shorts, approached Misty; his eyes glistened a majestic green, like those of dense, dark forests. "I haven't eaten for days." his voice so small, and desperate proved it only better. … Continue reading Nicholas