Miniature Lives

The Romans did not, as might seem logical, quarry the most accessible stones, Giovanni insisted. They followed the best veins of marble, even if that meant making their slaves climb a 1500-metre mountain. "In ancient times," he said, pointing at the mist beyond the window, "marble was the stone of the emperors." As the ultimate … Continue reading Miniature Lives


Boys never show their emotions, that's what he had learnt. Today he lost his marriage 'coz she thought he was insensible. Featured Image Courtesy of Mark Manson


Youth "Trust me when I say this man, THIS is LIFE!" the guy at the bar told Ronald handing him the small pouch. "B...But what if mom comes to know?" "She'd never!" Three years later, when the police handed the Autopsy report. It read: Name : RONALD LUCAS Age : 19 Cause of Death : … Continue reading Brazen