The jingle

My love, this is what it was meant to be, Now it's just you and me. Make no Mistake when you hear me say, It's you and me all the way! Fool me once, Shame on you Fool me twice, Shame on me I've caught your act and man I'm amazed What a performance this came … Continue reading The jingle

Love and War : Part 2

Denise was ready. Her off shouldered black sequined top and short asymmetrical white faux leather skirt, flaunted her curves, her legs in full display. She had just finished applying her bright red lipstick when the doorbell rang. Dabbing her favorite cologne, she rushed towards the door. Before she opened it, she adjusted her top to … Continue reading Love and War : Part 2

Love and War

Is this is safe? Oh yes! They'll never search here. Bonnie pondered over the idea for a few moments. Nobody will ever know. THIS was the perfect place. She resumed leveling the ground once again, her shovel back at work. A few minutes later she was done. "God finally has answered to our prayers..." she … Continue reading Love and War