You and me

Isn’t it crazy how opposites attract? I inquire. That’s logical, practical, would be your response. But what about us humans, about you and me? You tell me I should control this flow of useless thoughts, my emotions. But I fail to bottle up my feelings like you do. I’m sorry, I’m expressive, unlike you! Wasn't … Continue reading You and me

an excerpt – Daily Prompt

This is a peek-a-boo of a draft that I've been working for a while now and hope for it to materialize someday. Read on and let me know what you think about it. ... Melissa woke up with a jump, sweating, she was still on her couch; her book fell with a thud. She glanced … Continue reading an excerpt – Daily Prompt

Fulsomely summed

I literally jumped out of my usual slouch, which is my normal posture during these group activity sessions, to a straight one, when I heard her pronounce it. We were a group of 10 and everyone had to come up with a new word and discuss it with the rest, every Friday. The word she … Continue reading Fulsomely summed

Meditation Funny #109

This was posted here awhile back and I thought it deserved to be seen again. Enjoy. Too true!  by Monique McIntyre, Guide. Facilitator. Public Speaker. (And blogger!) @ http://www.DiviNationForAll.Wo… Source: Meditation Funny #109

Expert Opinions!

It's really amazing how different stories can converge into one idea, and one idea can divulge different stories. When I came across this post I was instantly hooked on to it. It initiated from here,then came this and this and eventually this!! And probably many many more have been created or are in the process … Continue reading Expert Opinions!

Miniature Lives

The Romans did not, as might seem logical, quarry the most accessible stones, Giovanni insisted. They followed the best veins of marble, even if that meant making their slaves climb a 1500-metre mountain. "In ancient times," he said, pointing at the mist beyond the window, "marble was the stone of the emperors." As the ultimate … Continue reading Miniature Lives

Love and War : Part 2

Denise was ready. Her off shouldered black sequined top and short asymmetrical white faux leather skirt, flaunted her curves, her legs in full display. She had just finished applying her bright red lipstick when the doorbell rang. Dabbing her favorite cologne, she rushed towards the door. Before she opened it, she adjusted her top to … Continue reading Love and War : Part 2

Behind closed doors!

Moonlight flooded in through the windows, painting some parts of the room, with its shimmering silver, quite in contrast to the fiery hues of the candlelight, that adorned different sections of it. Rose petals were strewn all over the bed and floor, infusing their fragrance all over. As they lay in each other's arms, oblivious … Continue reading Behind closed doors!

For the love of coffee!

Featured Image Courtesy of ECI Vaping Waking up early in the Morning is never easy. But a great cup of coffee is all you need to turn it all a around. Black, Decaf, Cappuccino with extra cream, I'd gladly take it all. I truly miss my coffee sessions with my old roommate. Things changed and … Continue reading For the love of coffee!


"Could you please spare some change?" A little boy with messy brown hair, face and hands covered with dirt and a tattered shirt and khaki shorts, approached Misty; his eyes glistened a majestic green, like those of dense, dark forests. "I haven't eaten for days." his voice so small, and desperate proved it only better. … Continue reading Nicholas