It's been eight years. Falling in, falling out and falling back again in love. Fights and break ups, later kiss and patch ups are a part of their lives. Alan and Victoria can't and wouldn't have it in any other way either. But every time that they get back, they find each other having changed … Continue reading together..?

The Blogger Recognition Award

Whoah!! My second award nomination, the next day of me posting the first one.I'm certainly doing something right! Well, this only makes me more confident of my decision. Like they say, you need two things to keep going - Inspiration and Recognition. Inspiration is to start out but to refuel one needs Recognition. And I … Continue reading The Blogger Recognition Award

The White Panda

Drenched in the rain, Oliver looked like a cat who had just been given a bath, forcefully. He had consulted with at least 4 different weather apps and there were no reports of rainfall. What in the world could've gone wrong? It was 8:00 pm by his watch. Emily would be waiting at the Kin … Continue reading The White Panda

The Transition

OM Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu || Mangalam Garudadhwaja OM OM Mangalam Pundareekaksham || Mangalayatano Hari OM The priest chanted the hymns, it was time. The flames of the holy fire emblazoned an enchanting hue and her whole life flashed before her eyes. Regular fights with her elder brother. Altercations with mum . Complaining to her dad. … Continue reading The Transition

The Queen of Ranthambore

When I got the email reminder for today's daily prompt, I thought hmmm... Fierce, what do I cook up with that? Well, how bout I work on the weekly photo challenge and maybe something will come along related to such an intense topic. While I was sifting through my collection, one of them happened to … Continue reading The Queen of Ranthambore

sinister puppeteer

salvation ain't a choice coz Devil's got the better of you deluged in his Act of Vice pulling the strings, playing the kazoo Image Courtesy of - Google Play

Love and War : Part 3

Bonnie watched Denise appear in the driveway and park her car abruptly in the centre. On a normal day, she would've stopped her right then. But today something else was her priority. Rehearsing mentally, umpteen times, how she'd confront Denise with this unanticipated discovery. The brown envelope had been in the mailbox along with the … Continue reading Love and War : Part 3

Love and War

Is this is safe? Oh yes! They'll never search here. Bonnie pondered over the idea for a few moments. Nobody will ever know. THIS was the perfect place. She resumed leveling the ground once again, her shovel back at work. A few minutes later she was done. "God finally has answered to our prayers..." she … Continue reading Love and War