A letter to a Terrorist

I wonder how low you could stoop, How foolish you could be... All those degrees and Alma mater, Couldn't make you Disagree? You simply listened to that madman. Believed in his selfish agenda, Forgot about your own, To serve someone else's Vendetta! Did you think of your 5yr old, Your aging, widowed mother? The lass … Continue reading A letter to a Terrorist

an excerpt – Daily Prompt

This is a peek-a-boo of a draft that I've been working for a while now and hope for it to materialize someday. Read on and let me know what you think about it. ... Melissa woke up with a jump, sweating, she was still on her couch; her book fell with a thud. She glanced … Continue reading an excerpt – Daily Prompt

The Storm

I see a storm is brewing, yet the composure on her face, Same as the strange calm, right before the conniption, evident through her gaze. Gone is the happy camper, the young lass with a Twinkle in her eye, A smile winning hearts of both young and old brighter than the summer sky. Smudged kohl, … Continue reading The Storm

The White Panda

Drenched in the rain, Oliver looked like a cat who had just been given a bath, forcefully. He had consulted with at least 4 different weather apps and there were no reports of rainfall. What in the world could've gone wrong? It was 8:00 pm by his watch. Emily would be waiting at the Kin … Continue reading The White Panda

The treasure

Matt had been surfing the TV since the last 2 hours. He was back home early, thinking he'd take Hailey out for dinner at their favourite restaurant. The last few months had been crazy since they moved into this new apartment. Little did he know that he was in for a surprise! There was a … Continue reading The treasure

The jingle

My love, this is what it was meant to be, Now it's just you and me. Make no Mistake when you hear me say, It's you and me all the way! Fool me once, Shame on you Fool me twice, Shame on me I've caught your act and man I'm amazed What a performance this came … Continue reading The jingle

Love and War : Part 3

Bonnie watched Denise appear in the driveway and park her car abruptly in the centre. On a normal day, she would've stopped her right then. But today something else was her priority. Rehearsing mentally, umpteen times, how she'd confront Denise with this unanticipated discovery. The brown envelope had been in the mailbox along with the … Continue reading Love and War : Part 3

Miniature Lives

The Romans did not, as might seem logical, quarry the most accessible stones, Giovanni insisted. They followed the best veins of marble, even if that meant making their slaves climb a 1500-metre mountain. "In ancient times," he said, pointing at the mist beyond the window, "marble was the stone of the emperors." As the ultimate … Continue reading Miniature Lives


Youth "Trust me when I say this man, THIS is LIFE!" the guy at the bar told Ronald handing him the small pouch. "B...But what if mom comes to know?" "She'd never!" Three years later, when the police handed the Autopsy report. It read: Name : RONALD LUCAS Age : 19 Cause of Death : … Continue reading Brazen


"Could you please spare some change?" A little boy with messy brown hair, face and hands covered with dirt and a tattered shirt and khaki shorts, approached Misty; his eyes glistened a majestic green, like those of dense, dark forests. "I haven't eaten for days." his voice so small, and desperate proved it only better. … Continue reading Nicholas